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Zkhiphani.com is an online & print youth social lifestyle & entertainment global African powerhouse brand and executive mouthpiece representing South African youth. The online magazine has been operating since 19 voetsek & the term “zkhiphani” is derived from the fashionable Zulu language and when loosely translated into English means “what’s happening”. So what’s happening? With more than hundred thousand weekly hits Zkhiphani.com is one of Africa’s fastest growing instant, interactive & very exciting youth portal filled with diverse youth interests without ever narrowing them down to just entertainment. The magazine explores issues ranging from the influences of a new South African democracy and its reformed ideologies to the politics of fashion and the aesthetic of youth struggles. Zkhiphani.com is an expression and a validation of a way of life – the way South African youth dress, talk and express themselves within the different social subcultures. It captures their true essence and defines their true identity. It is a platform where both township and urban culture find common ground. We are uniquely differentiated by an approach which does not seek to mislead by telling the youth what we think they’d like to hear or who they should be & how they should look & think but an approach that daringly tells & analysis news, information, reviews & discussions on taboo topics as they are! The magazine is a safe environment allowing the youth to voice out their opinions and thoughts to the South African public & the world. We are young & we are proudly South African. We are Zkhiphani.com & we are ‘Tellin it like it is’

Disclaimer Any illegal use of our material without permission will earn your ass a moer se klap, Seriously!!!