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Nowadays it is not rare to find one person producing their own beats, rapping on them and promoting their music online. It's 2016 after all. But, those who are truly dedicated to their craft will spend

They are colourful, loud and immensely talented and they are slowly making their mark in the music industry. The best part is that they are representing their language and culture in their music. Meet the Ndebele

Lucky Sifiso Ngubeni, who is better known by his stage name Louless, is a Delmas born rapper, artist, vocalist, songwriter, producer, beat-maker, drummer and a live performing musician. He declares that he is proud product

Principlez, or iNtsindabadala as his day one fans may know him, is a hardcore lyricist with versatility to switch flows, rhyme schemes and language effortlessly to create an identity of his own, especially with the

Renowned South African Hip-Hop artist Jay Makopo is a young hip hop artist who has BEEEEN on the come up and looks like he is about to break out in a big way. We featured

Tuesday is known as #TrapTuesday here and we are all about the wonderful and extremely popular genre of Trap music. Today we are featuring a young and upcoming artist known as Kayben XX. The rapper hails from

There is a bunch of artists doing great things in music everyday and they never see the light of day. We are happy to introduce new music from The Connec and Denny Dugg. The Octave Couplet

26 year old Kgotso Tsagae, also known as Dj Kaygo, is #OneToWatch. Born and raised in the streets of Soweto, he has managed to work on the biggest stages of Hip Hop and has finally

We love to break new artists la ekhaya and if the artist is fresh and talented then it's even better! Thus introducing Vanco! He is a South African Producer, DJ and Artist based in Johannesburg. This

Wake Reach Music are a local South African music label, that has just blown up in the music scene. They are a label that focuses on a number of genres and rely on their unique musicians