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Time never stands still

Time never stands still Yesterday is gone Time for a new challenge The unknown future, bringing joy of the unexpected I’m setting sail Blind fold me Tie me up ...Full Article

and on the 5th day

Half awake Drowning in a cup of black coffee. The hour glass lays broken, Time escapes and becomes forever. The poet clothes his brittle soul in autumn leaves Predicting ...Full Article

Fading Memories

By Quaz Grasping at fading memories I cross that bridge and journey towards A time when my dullest moments were the most colourful. A golden childhood Life overflowing. Fishing ...Full Article

My Love vs. My Hate for her

He sees her part from her friends, laughing joyful and so high on life. she stands tall on her heels, tall as mountain tops or valley hikes her teeth glow as ...Full Article