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Raw thoughts

Open letter to the youth of SA

You have been called apathetic, disinterested, cynical and even disloyal and disrespectful. Much has been written, spoken and philosophised about your political power in numbers yet your ‘reserve your ...Full Article

I have a story to tell

I have a story to tell And this is how it goes… On 22 September 2013, a chilled Sunday afternoon I was raped. I’ll give you a minute…. You ...Full Article

Polygamists go to heaven

We have all experienced it to some level whether directly or indirectly, some have taken a part in it, many will come to know of it in the future ...Full Article

Forgive them for what they do

By: Mbali Mbatha Prior to boggling your brain with the words below, I would just like to commence by advising that I do not subscribe to any particular religion. ...Full Article

How much has changed since 1994?

By Abram Molelemane As I write this, I’m having a drink with my colleague Nick Owsley, a graduate with an Honours Degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the ...Full Article

Minnie Dlamini’s open letter to Media

By: Minnie Dlamini What a rough 2weeks!!! This media attention really took its toll on little old me. Although I have not disclosed who I am or am not ...Full Article

What’s real, who’s real?

By Leon Makhadi Hip Hop has always had debates about which artist is real and who’s fake. This goes back to when I started listening to Hip Hop, the ...Full Article

Taxi haters

I was sitting next to two nasty women in a taxi the other day that are only black when it’s convenient for them. Now these two feeble excuses of ...Full Article

The Origin of Man

Dr. Albert Chuchward, distinguished scholar, anthropologist, and archeologist theorizes that the earliest member of the human species appeared about two million years ago in the Great Lakes region of ...Full Article

Act like a man only if you have a penis

This article is a realistic take on the movie, “think like a man” based on Steve Harvey’s book, “act like a lady think like a man”. Disclaimer: read to ...Full Article