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Jaziel Brothers back with their fourth album 

Jaziel Brothers are back with a new album, the duo’s newest creation ‘The Journey Defined’ was launched on Friday, 9th November, 2012 at SABC M1 Studios.


The compilation consists of 13 solid tracks that beckons listeners and fans to come along a journey of the brother’s signature hook-driven and sing along lyrics, soul filled harmonies that features mouth drooling and emotional collaborations featuring the legendary Oliver Mutukudzi, the urban household rapper Brickz, the sultry Tsokae and Kwena.

Ntobeko & Brian Temba

The Journey Defined symbolizes the brothers’ journey from their previous gold and platinum albums respectively, powered by sophisticated lyrical messages with a heavy dose of classic Jaziel Brothers feel.


The brothers summarize their inspiration for the album by saying: ‘We respect where we’ve come from and what our fans and the market have made us; we’ve been inspired to feel this is the best time to release A Journey Defined independently as Jaziel Brothers. It was time consuming and exhausting but we didn’t feel any of it as our fans and our experience in the industry inspires us. Their latest offering is available in all good record stores.


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