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An extra-ordinary songstress born in England and raised in all. At the tender age of thirteen Balinde began doing backing vocals for Claude King, a producer who has worked ...Full Article

Fly chix

Fly Chix is four member girl band that has decided to invade the male dominated music scene with their first single, ʻIT GIRLʼ. ʻIT GIRLʼ was thought of and ...Full Article

The 2012 SAMA awards winners

Best Alternative Album The Dirty Skirts for Lost In The Fall Best Kiddies Album Wendy Oldfield for Singalong Kidz Volume 2 Best Smooth Urban Music Album Zahara for Loliwe ...Full Article


MIZA ( Tumi Modibedi ) is a multi-talented Actor/ Dj/Voice over artist. He is best known from The Trevor Edmond Group production house that brought the smash hit ‘Nka ...Full Article