3 Things That Stood Out From The Nasty C & Sway Interview
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Nasty C is steady making a name for himself and the young rapper has clearly come a long way in the last year or so. He was recently on a press tour in the States making several stops to fly the SA flag high aswell as promote his latest album, Strings & Bling. His latest interview with Sway In The Morning had us in our feels because the King hit maker seemed a lot different than when he was there about a year ago. These are the 3 things that stood out for us about the interview.

Nasty seemed more comfortable with Sway

If you have noticed, Nasty C is quite soft spoken and reserved in real life. We have noted that before in several interviews we’ve conducted with him. The award winning rapper has accomplished a lot with his music but he rarely shows the bravado we often hear in his raps. Even so, he seemed more relaxed with Sway and the interview flowed way better than the ones he has had recently.

We also loved the fact that Sway did his research, listened to the music and asked album specific questions. Plus he pegged him to be the next big thing comparing his demeanor to that of 50 Cent, Eminem and even Drake before they made it. That was a major!

He didn’t give shout out to A-Reece or Shane Eagle

When Sway asked Nasty who are the fresh talent that he should be looking out for, we were shocked that Nasty didn’t mention Shane Eagle, Rouge, A-Reece, J Molley and Frank Casino. The artists have been making huge moves in the country’s music scene. Instead Nasty C mentioned people from his own circle such as Tellaman and Rowlene. Granted, these two artists and the others he has mentioned are hella talented but couldn’t he quickly think of the ones we’ve mentioned?

For real Nasty, no freestyle this time around?

While plenty of people were taken with his performance of SMA towards the end of the interview, we were shocked that he didn’t give his characteristic freestyle. Last year, his freestyle on the show trended for days and this understandably got him a lot of clout because of Sway’s reaction to it. He even used some of the soundbites from last year’s interview. But no freestyle this time around Nasty? Nothing?

Have you peeped the interview yet? Check it out and tell us what your favourite parts are.

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