3 Ways of Growing Your Natural Hair Long and Strong
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The thought of growing natural hair can sometimes feel like a bit of a lifetime goal considering the inconsistencies the hair growing cycle goes through every now and then. But fret no more as we’re going to be giving you 3 ways in which you can grow your hair faster and of course, reaching your hair length goals that much quicker. With that, here are three ways to grow your natural hair long and strong.

1. Rice Water 

Image Source: Medical News Today

If you haven’t heard from all the YouTube videos by now, rice water is extremely helpful in growing hair. This starch filled water that develops after soaking rice in water has been used as hair treatment for centuries by women in Japan, Southeast Asia and China. Not is it known for improving the strength of the hair by making is shinier, but it is also known for speeding up the hair growth process. There are many ways to prepare the hair treatment but of all the many methods, the 24 hours overnight soak is the best as it allows a longer time period for all the nutrients to be soaked out from the rice into the water. Once prepared, the rice water is filtered leaving only the water of the rice in a bowl ready to be used after the hair has been shampooed and conditioned. The rice water is then used as a rinse and allowed to seep into the sculp by keeping the rinse in for an hour with a cap. After an hour, rinse out the hair and moisturize accordingly to maintain stronger hair.

2. Aloe Vera 


Image Source: Aloe Vera Express

Like rice water, aloe vera is widely known for its vitamins , nutrients and minerals it offers as a health benefit. Now in order to get the same benefit for your hair, you can use the gel from the plant as a hair mask. Simply, cut an aloe vera leaf latitudely in half and scoop all the gel out. Once completed, take all the gel and insert into a blender in order to achieve a smoother consistency. Once blended, smear and smooth the gel onto sectioned out hair and scalp that has already been washed and conditioned. Wearing a cap, keeping the gel in for an hour and rinse out then finish off by moistiring with esssentail oils like olive oil or coconut oil.

3. Protective Hair Styles 

Image Source: IOL

Lastly to complete the entire process, after moisturizing, always make sure to put your hair up in a protective hair style that will help maintain your hair strength through all harsh environmental elements and conditions. Good styleds to try include box braids, cornrows and twists.


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