4 Things We Loved About AKA, Kid X & Kwestas’s SXSW Performances
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Over the past week, our very own, AKA, Kwesta and Kid X were in Austin Texas for the SXSW music festival and they killed it. The three artists performed to a venue full of eager fans on the Sway In The Morning SXSW Stage. 

There is nothing we are more proud of then the export of our sound and artists to international audiences. Come on, you love it too, don’t be shy to admit it! It gives us a chance to participate with the greatest and if people that side fux with our sound then we are steps closer to world domination or with one of our own filling up Madison Square Garden or something similar. 

First of all, we were so impressed with how well the three handled themselves. I mean, they are used to performing for thousands of people at a time and all but there is something extra nerve wrecking about performing for a bunch of people who do not know your hustle or even any of your songs.

Kwesta put it nicely when he said: “We don’t want to hit the ceiling in any place. We want to find new places where we can go back to the bottom… We wanted to come to a place where we can learn again what it’s like being in the bottom”.

The second thing we loved about these performances is how genuine and sincere Sway was when introducing them. The veteran broadcaster and hip hop connoisseur has been known to put a lot of artists on and the fact that he messes with our sound and our artists was great to watch. 

He said about AKA: “He brought us into a world we were not privy to; this is way before Black Panther”. He went on to say that AKA put him onto what the music scene, political canvas and pop culture was like in South Africa. He also spoke highly of Kwesta and mentioned that he found his music so relatable. “I’m not sure what his first language is but I know he speaks multiple language. This man from South Africa raps better in English than people born here in the United States.”  


Thirdly, we enjoyed their performances. AKA is known for having a well thought out and elaborate productions but there was something endearing about him when he took the stage- one man- and just had fun with it. He performed Don’t Forget To Pray, a smash hit which he made alongside Anatii and it was a jump! He was jamming and dancing and just having fun with it.


We also loved Kid X and Kwesta’s performances because the gents kept it authentic. Kid X performed his hit Aunty and Kwesta performed his double platinum hit, Spirit. They introduced the Kwaito sound and even got the crowd bumping.

And lastly, did ya’ll hear how Sway assured Kid X that he is the next SA artist to go on his breakfast show, Sway In The Morning? Hello! 

Your thoughts? 

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