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4TheLuv Supreme



4TheLuv Supreme

4TheLuv Supreme is the Companies Hip Hop outfit and title of their current E.P, The musical master piece hits the shelves end of the year. The tracks on the E.P are conceptually produced to sky rocket the charts, whilst including a flavour that is unique and very distinct that shakes up Mzansi. The production enables the 4TheLuv Supreme to capture the largest possible market share through its crossover appeal. These artists cater for the diverse tastes within our market and allow for the exposure of artists that may not normally be in high rotation. 4TheLuv Supreme consists of six rappers & two RnB vocalists (male and female).

The 4TheLuv Supreme E.P has proved to have music that is: relevant, exciting, innovative and of exceptional quality, also being entertaining, fresh and sizzling. “When we produce the tracks we always ask ourselves a very important question: ‘how can we tell the artist’s story in a way where we consider the listener and the sound of the music’? they say.

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