Social Media REACTS to Jub Jub’s First Interviews Since Release
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Plenty has happened since the day started but we are still stuck on the interview that rapper Jub Jub did with Morning Live on SABC 2 and then later on with Metro FM on The Front Row. The disgraced rapper, who is out on parole, opened up quite a bit in both interviews and the general sentiment was emotional. This is a follow up from the song that he dropped when he came out of prison where he is asking for forgiveness.


In the Metro FM interview, he spoke of battling to reconnecting to the outside world and reintegrating himself in society after being in prison for over four years and how today was his first day out.

The main theme of these interviews was atoning for his past mistakes and finding a second chance to do things right this time around. “Just looking at the eyes of my family and everybody who said: ‘you did your time, you paid your dues, you respected the law…you need to get up now and do it'”. He also mentioned that he is still “shook” by the outside world and that it is something that he is yet to get used to.

The one thing that has shocked us was the fact that he confirmed that he is married for “a pretty long time”. The rapper was not shy when showing off his wedding ring but was not prepared to speak about his private life.

Now, black Twitter never sleeps and the tweets were lit as usual but what was surprising was the general consensus of support for the rapper

But others were not buying it!

Others were just finding the humor in all of this,

Take a look at the full interview on the Metro FM and the SABC Digital News  YouTube pages.


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