We Absolutely Love #FinePeopleFrom Trend!
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There’s a new trend on Twitter and we are absolutely here for it! Black Twitter came through and did the most as always with a new hashtag #FinePeopleFrom(fill in the blank), showcasing the beauty of people of color around the world. The hashtag caught fire as everyone that’s of African descent wanted to show off how beautiful the people from their native countries are.

Image via @NTsakaniM

By default, our favorite one was #FinePeopleFromSouthAfrica, for many reasons. One, this trend showed us that we have beautiful people all around South Africa that come in different shapes, forms and colors. Two, South Africans are generally funny people so there is never a reason not to laugh, naturally, some people saw this as an opportunity to show off their comedic skills which is fine too.

Overall the trend showed us that the world is shifting from conventional ideas of beauty and now forging new ideas of beauty that are a deviation from what existed before. The balanced mix of skin color, body types and gender representation clearly shows that younger generations are moving in the right direction where inclusion and representation are concerned. Check out some of the snaps that people posted. Be sure to follow @Zkhiphani on social media to get the latest in social media news.





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