A-Reece Drops “The Matrix” Inspired Trailer For Upcoming Album, “PARADI$E 2”
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It looks like A-Reece is ready to drop his much anticipated album, PARADI$E 2

The road to A-Reece’s highly anticipated album, PARADI$E 2 is looking promising as the young king dropped a visual teaser for the album. Taking to Twitter, Reece dropped a clip just under 2 minutes inspired by cult classic movie, The Matrix. Leading us to believe that much of the content in the album is going to be as conceptual as the teaser. 

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The teaser opens with Reece in a dimly lit room, a scene similar to the one that opens with Thomas Anderson on The Matrix. There are shots of a laptop, a piano keyboard and a larvae lamp, setting the mood for the scene. Reece then gets a message on the laptop screen, urging him to wake up. 

The message on the screen says: “Enter Paradise. Unlock Your Residual Self Iamge.” This album could possibly embody Reece’s awakening. 

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This teaser comes after he dropped In Hi$ Image (Exp 1) a therapeutic and self-assured insight into Reece’s current state of mind. This was closely followed by $elfi$h. On $elfi$h he is describing a relationship void of trust with a woman he is clearly in love with because he puts in effort to make her see his perspective.

There is no word on when exactly PARADI$E 2 is going to drop but it looks like it may be closer than we anticipate. 

Are you looking forward to it? 

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