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/Zi kee pha nie

Question & Exclamation. SOUTH AFRICAN informal

Derived from the fashionable Zulu language and when loosely translated into English means “what’s happening”.

  1. Used as a greeting, equivalent to ‘what’s happening’ or ‘how are you?’
  2. used as a question to enquire “what’s going on”

EXAMPLE:“Holla S’bu Zkhiphani?” or “Guys Zkhiphani this coming Friday?”

What kinda individual subscribes to Zkhiphani?

Zkhiphani is for the individual who has no fear of standing out no matter where they are. They lack no fear to go beyond the expected because to them the word expected is nothing but slang, in a language that nobody speaks. They constantly change their style to suit their mood and go out on weekends to party like there’s no tomorrow!

Their face is all over instagram, twitter and FB, influencing millions on a daily basis because they are trendsetters. The fact that they have all the information they need at a click of a button, fuels their desire to not only experiment with their style, but also to display it for their peers to admire at events, on platforms and in the streets. The truth is not everyone can be a trendsetter, but every one is aspirational. That is what makes us the biggest urban youth lifestyle magazine platform.

DISCLAIMER: The online magazine has been operating since 19 voetsek & therefore is not a fucking blog. Any illegal use of our material without permission will earn your ass a moer se klap, Seriously!!! 


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