Adidas AlphaBOUNCE: The Next Generation Of Sneaker Technology
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Technology is now at the forefront of sneaker and footwear design. Where comfort, exotic materials, and function are the pillars of design. The idea of form-follows-function is what sneaker design is about.

Souce: Business Insider

When considering how far footwear technology has come for Adidas, it makes us quite excited and intrigued by what is going to happen in the future. In the early 80’s, Adidas revealed one of their most innovative and futuristic design which was the Micropacer. One of the very first Adi silhouettes that feature the brightly colored side-sole panel and a flap that protects the laces and conceals them, creating the illusion of laceless shoes or a one-piece sneaker. We can only imagine how ahead of its time this shoe was. The utility of the Mircropace made it a highly sought-after sneaker.

Fast forward years later, Adidas has revealed its latest addition to the AlphaBounce family. The Adidas Aphabounce Beyond is the newest generation of innovative design technology. Pushing the idea of sneaker intelligence further. It is a pure dream for athletes and runners alike.

The Alphabounce is one of a kind, with a one-piece superior fit for running. The idea of comfort is stretched by adding premium Continental Rubber outer sole, that simultaneously offers extended heel support.

The AlphaBOUNCE Beyond has a retail price of R1599 and will be available on Adidas ecomm and in stores from 5th April 2018. #AlphaBOUNCE


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