Afrikan Roots dishes up another house banger – Mabyala
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Pretoria’s very own house band Afrikan Roots has done it again.

They just dropped their latest single Mabyala featuring Costa and Zulu Naja. The same two artists that featured on other chart-toppers such as Naja, Voroso and Ndiya Ndiya.

Mabyala, track no 7 on their current album “Dawn Of The 8th Day” is no different however this time around it was the album that inspired the band. “Dawn Of The 8th Day,” currently in stores and available online is symbolic because the band members believe they were created on the 8th day.

A day that represents a new beginning and a new rise in the era of music especially in Africa which is why the common element in all their albums is an infusion of various African styles, genres and languages.

Mabyala was produced in-house and is about a happy crowd having a great time over beers and true to our roots “Mabyala Kutala”- simply means that everybody is welcome to join the beer fest while drinking responsibly. It has a unique blend of sounds, instruments and vocals just like the band’s sound “Chuba- Chabra.”

With nine Eps, three albums under their belt and reputable collaborations it comes as no surprise that Afrikan Roots is gaining popularity in Portugal, Namibia, Mozambique, Botswana, Angola and Kenya.

Just like their other offerings, Mabyala will get any gathering going even though the sound is African there is an international flair to it.

Music lovers will be spoilt for choice as the 12 track album features A-listers such as Africanism, Tooly B, Lady B, Mpumi, Moelogo, Letoya Goud, Candy Tsamandebele, Dj Buckz, Maofe The General, Aya Zungu and Nicksoul. Another track to look out for is track 8, “Afrikan Roots- FriTagwa” ft Dj Buckz and Moafe The General.

Get yourself a copy of “Dawn of the 8th Day in stores or on various digital platforms and let loose with Mabyala.

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