AJ Apple Drops Imbizo Trap!
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AJ-Apple Imbizo Trap

With the steady rise of Trap music in the country, there have been different variations of the genre. There is Afro-Trap, Trap Soul and Emtee’s African Trap. And now AJ Apple has dropped a track called Imbizo Trap which features the legendary Maskanda musician, Phuzekhemisi and fellow Kwaito artist simply known as X. The Umlazi-born rapper, born Andile Snethemba Jwara is an up and coming rapper who is steadily making an impact on the scene with his new take on Trap music.

Imbizo Trap single art

The track is a marriage between the old school and the new school sound. At first it was hard to believe that it really was Phuzekhemisi on the track, but this is the real deal. The joint has a special sound to it, it sounds authentic but at the same time mainstream. That was a bit confusing. Props are due for whoever composed and produced the beat, it is hella crisp and clearly a banger.

AJ and X are talented, there is no doubt about that but there is nothing lyrical about this. They are not spitting anything dope. But who can blame AJ because he strictly makes turn up music and one cannot expect to hear knowledge on a Trap song. But they do bring different elements to this track such as the Trap and the Kwaito element mixing it with the Maskanda vibe to it. Plus their flows on this joint are crisp. There are many different dimensions to this track and AJ and his team should be proud.

Take a listen to the track below and tell us what you think of it!


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