AKA and Kairo on the New Hype Magazine Cover
Published 3 years ago by


After a very tense and negative energy saturated week, we are greeted with congratulatory news, from record-breaking concerts to new cover news. AKA graces the cover of Hype Magazine with his beautiful daughter Kairo. In between recording new music, launching his new company and being a father, AKA found time to shoot this adorable magazine cover with his daughter. This is the first time we have seen AKA and Kairo in this setting and we are absolutely loving it.

It is quite evident and apparent that AKA has found eternal happiness and peace, on Twitter he is constantly urging everyone to stay positive and promoting positivity. AKA even reached out to his long-time rival, who he has a long history with but has since called a truce with him and offered to make history with him.



But that’s not the point. The tagline of the magazine reads “I’ve outgrown AKA”, this hints at the fact that he has long outgrown his controversial and radical ways. We are excited to see this new and reformed AKA. See AKA chat with us about his upcoming project titled ‘Touch My Blood’.

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