AKA Teases New Sneaker With Reebok
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A few weeks ago, we were at Sneaker Exchange asking attendees about the SA sneaker culture. We asked people which celeb they thought deserves a major sneaker deal. The answers were interesting, to say the least. Unexpectedly, no one mentioned AKA despite his existing deal with Reebok.

Its been almost a year and a half since AKA signed the deal with Reebok. This deal would mean that AKA would be one of the global ambassadors for Reebok Classic. Moreover, this also means that AKA is the only SA Rapper to score a deal with a major sportswear/footwear brand. It’s only about time that a product is born out of this 7-figure deal.


If you follow AKA on Twitter then you would know that he has been teasing this for a while. Yesterday, Supa Mega finally sneak-peeked his collab Sneaker with Reebok Classics. From what we can tell, AKA has his own Reebok Classics colourway. This is a big deal as far as SA endorsements go. This is also a big deal because of what this would mean for the SA culture. Jay-Z had his own sneaker line with Reebok itself and that propelled him to greater heights. This may be the same story for AKA.


One thing we cannot deny AKA is his ability to break boundaries, to push further. This move would allow more rappers to be approached by brands offering the same deal… maybe even more! The timing of this is immaculate considering his last album is about to drop. Stick around Zkhiphani.com to get the full story. You already know that we are what’s happening!

We would love to see what you guys think the collaboration would look like. Hit us up in the comment section with your reactions and comments on this upcoming sneaker drop by Reebok and AKA.

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