AKA’s Mom Launches Limited Edition Handbag Collection
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Lynn Forbes launches handbag collection produced by Mintaka.

Inspirational speaker and lifestyle influencer Lynn Forbes who is popularly known as AKA’s mom as well as glammy to her adorable granddaughter Kairo, has launched a limited edition handbag collection.

The Lynn Forbes Inspire Courage by Mintaka is for every woman who is fashion-forward like her, they don’t call her glammy for nothing right? She couldn’t hold back her excitement and officially made an announcement to her social media followers,

I would like to invite you to view my LIMITED EDITION INSPIRATIONAL LEATHER HANDBAG COLLECTION now available for purchase online,

She wrote on Instagram.

Each detail on each piece has a reason and meaning behind it,

My desire is to put a handbag into a woman’s life that will affirm who she is, capturing the essence of what she represents, a beautiful accessory that reflects her inner beauty, strength and compassion. I want her to be constantly reminded of her worth, impact and power. I believe will inspire courage in every woman who will find a friend in the LYNN handbag, the GLAMMY clutch or the JOY purse.

She adds.

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