#AltTuesday: 104 BPM’s Interpretation EP 3 Is A Sublime Musical Experience
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The artist that we taking a look at today is quickly becoming one of our favourite artists. Hailing from the lush green lands of the south of KwaZulu Natal,  S’gcino Gwacela, known to us as 104 BPM is part of a unique bread of producer that is slowly gaining prominence in the field of house music.

In a time of cross-over Afro House music and Amapiano dominance the are a select few twinkling stars the vast sea filled with stars that are eye-catching. 104 BPM is most certainly one of those dancing stars.

With two astonishing releases in the previous year titled Interpretations 1 & 2 EP, 104 BPM promises to be a rising star and a force to be reckoned with. Now 104 BPM has released the thirds Interpretations EP. Completing a trilogy of projects that pack a colossal punch collectively.

104 BPM – Interpretation EP 3

104 BPM

The musically inclined three-track EP has sparked a movement that allows creators put forward their own interpretations of the EP. Illustrator Jazz Kloppers and have already taken the challenge by the helm and have created their own interpretation of the EP.

104 BPM

Salute to @thersdncy & @jazzkloppers for bringing this to life🙏🏾. ⁣

This collobarative effort showcases @jazzkloppers’s very own Interpretation of the cover art for #Interpretations3EP via a mini-zine 📖.⁣

Hopefully, more people will join in and come forth with their own Interpretation(s)🎨 ⁣.

Check out the EP below and don’t forget to leave a comment in the comment section below.

104 BPM – Interpretations 3 EP

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