#AltTuesday: Have You Heard Of Alternative Rapper, M Phasha?
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In this week’s #AltTuesday, we profile the Limpopo-based alternative Hip Hop musician, M Phasha. At the young age of 20, M Phasha, real name Mapudi Phasha has managed to infiltrate the South African radio airwaves with his breakout single titled “Coolerbox” featuring Danny B.

With such a slender catalogue, it is quite amazing that M Phasha has already managed to get airplay on major national radio stations. M Phasha attributes this early success to his ability to balance his emotional and pensive lyricism with a commercial sound. This is quite apparent on songs like “Bipolar Love”, where is talking about his uncertain feelings towards his love interest. This is done in a palatable manner.

M Phasha’s approach an delivery is what sets him apart from his peers. He employes a spoken word delivery, with a very irregular verse structure and rhyme scheme. This works for the poignancy of his lyricism. However, the penmanship could be elevated and draw clearer images for the audience.

Check out M Phasha’s latest demo cut titled “Hope” below. Let us know what you think of M Phasha, leave a comment in the section below.

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