#AltTuesday: Pilani Bubu Explores The Full Colour Spectrum Of Emotions On EP, “Lockdown Lovestory”
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Pilani explores the feelings of fantasy and nostalgia packaged in Nu-RnB on her colour themed EP, Lockdown Lovestory

Award-winning storyteller, Pilani Bubu released her highly anticipated EP, Lockdown Lovestory. The 7-track EP has a colour code in the old nostalgic test-tone section that gives you the cue of the mood the song is set to bring.

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Lockdown Lovestory, was written, and recorded in the height of the pandemic, in the unprecedented hard lockdown of March – August 2020, in South Africa. The levels from 5 – 1, were real markers in the chapters of her life and this love story. Unsurprisingly, Lockdown Lovestory is inspired by the journey she takes in a long distance and virtual relationship, exploring the nuances of the loneliness and yearning presented by this circumstance. 

She collaborated with Afronautiq: Sean Peevers Tthen worked with beat makers and producers, Samuel ’Sichangi’ Namasaka, Ludwe Danxa, Andras Weil and guitarist Bradley Prince.  

Lockdown Lovestory has a colour code in the old nostalgic test-tone section that gives you the cue of the mood the song is set to bring

The Prelude opens this fantastical project in a sweet and reminiscent manner. Coloured Pink, it consists of Pilani’s layered acapella vocal harmonies which set the tone of anticipation and a yearning for love. The bright and major chorded vocal delivery gives us a sense of nostalgia that something beautiful is about to happen coupled with the sweet but eerie feeling of Déjà vu.

As We Lay is the track that spring boarded the Lockdown Lovestory. It was first written as a poem fantasizing about the lovers first meet and what might transpire. This moody song is filled with Yellow ambience. Pilani’s descriptive Xhosa poetry is rich in onomatopoeia and makes for super sassy, sultry and boldly poetic verse.

The track Desire is the epitome of sensual and passion and themed Red. It was written in an immediate response to a plea by the lovers to wet each other’s appetite. The repetitious hooks and greasy guitars, by Bradley Prince build the song into a passionate high.

On Pendulum Swing, Pilani describes the relationships highs that don’t always end well. The bass syths and sonic effects by producer Sichangi give the listener the feeling of coming off a rollercoaster accompanied by a sinking feeling in your belly.

The Conundrum is a display of her vulnerability as she engages in a one way conversation while simultaneously trying to make sense of the riddle that is the relationship.

Missed The Mark (Stay) is Blue and represents a reflection of all her wishes for the relationship. She tries to settle the score as she recaps all that she gave to the relationship, physically and emotionally.

The closing of this fantastic body of work is Ghosted, and themed Black. On Ghosted she is angered at the gentleman’s disappearance (Ghosting her with no responses for a month). She confronts this dark moment with tapering anger with the use of her vocal ‘call and response’.

Stream or download Pilani Bubu’s Lockdown Lovestory EP now: https://ditto.fm/lockdownlovestory

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