#AltTuesdays: Burningforestboy Is Mystifying, Yearning & Brazen In Latest EP, “CICADA”
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The elusive Burningforestboy lets us into his strange world on his debut EP, CICADA

There’s an old Latin saying along the lines of, ‘whoever shouts the loudest will be heard first.’ Yet, people who shout tend to be more annoying than intriguing or inspiring. Burningforestboy is neither loud nor trying to desperately get our attention. The multifaceted music artist displays a quiet confidence on his latest EP, CICADA as he yields to the music. Have you heard it yet?

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Burningforestboy has an incredible ability to investigate the dissolute and degrading with absolute braveness and poetic ebriosity.  His music often speaks about pain, melancholy, lust, love, damaging nostalgia, philosophies and tragedy in a refreshing and honest way and his fans liken the euphoria of his music to the feelings that accompany sex or drugs. And his latest EP, CICADA is a strange embodiment of this. 

CICADA is a reckoning for Burningforestboy

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Cicadas have a longstanding reputation as loud, swarming pests that keep obnoxiously particular schedules. These insects spend the majority of their lives underground. They spend years developing into adults before they can emerge to sing, mate and lay eggs. 

CICADA, as an album, branches out into lush sounds, sleepwalking in a trance-inducing meditation, with spatial phrasings that convey a sense of belonging to the lyrics. Even without spelling out, Burningforestboy’s intricate music fluidly takes shape.

Songs breakdown:

INSOMNIA is a sonic tango of youth, sex and drugs. It elaborates getting so high that your body refuses to allow you sleep. All you see when you close your eyes is the room spinning or your heartbeat through the flesh of your eyelids. It ties into the themes of existential terror of the EP CICADA

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CARPENTER elaborates internal turmoil with the idea of dying. It uses carpets as a metaphor for life and The Carpenter as a metaphor for God. If you choose to take your life it seems you blood-stain the Carpets you were eagerly offered. The privilege of life you were afforded is tainted in disrespect. The woman you love is left to clean the mess.

DREAMSTATE is an episode of a night out. The people, the drugs and being caught up in your own mind. Reckless behaviour, phone-calls, substances, and highway races take centre stage in a minimal sonic canvas.











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TALISMAN is a culmination of the themes of the songs on CICADA that lead up to this moment. It fantasises the journey and results from the decisions of an introspective heart-throb in a cavalier and conversational manner.

MOUNTAINS OF PAIN (FAST CAR) is damage in the vacuum of a 3 minute song. It’s a nostalgic sinking feeling of pain, loss, regret all brought up by inherent human responses to love and pain and the tears that often follow both. It’s a suicidal pledge to relax and find a way in death and with the fear of being alone when you die or at least dying without the one you love.

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