#AltTuesdays: Joda Kgosi Fully Captures the Life Span Of A Romance On Debut EP, “Sour Milk”
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Joda Kgosi serves soulful melancholy and ain her 7 track debut EP, Sour Milk

Singer and songwriter, Joda Kgosi tells the story of a romance that died before it fully actualized on her debut EP, Sour Milk. The EP is a skilfully arranged body of work that takes us through Joda’s take on the stages of a relationship that is has already declined, giving us

Talking to Apple Music, Joda explains: “As a whole, I’m reflecting on things that have happened. I’m welcoming you into my thoughts and inviting you to go through my sorrow with me.”

Sour Milk, is deep and explorative and allows us a glimpse into the complicated and raw emotions of love and loss. Mourning what could have been but also the part of her that passed away with the hopes that she had of the relationship. But on the flipside, it is a celebration of an independence that could only have come with the pain that she experienced. A bitter-sweet moment.

On the EP she also takes responsibility for the part she played on the souring of the relations.

A lot of the time when we write heartbreak songs we’re on the receiving end, but sometimes we inflict pain as well and need to be aware of that. I’m explaining that this milk turned sour because of me now,” she explains.

While it is no longer rare to find such relatable and revealing content in music, especially R&B, Sour Milk is laced with hints of melancholic indie and coursing with soul. With her hypnotic and powerful vocals laced over pensive beats, it is no wonder this EP listens like a cleanse. The stages of purification that one only has the benefit of experiencing once they are bold enough to go through the trenches to receive enlightenment.

Kgosi explains: “It felt good to finally get stuff off my chest,” she says. “This story is about how you’re not everything bad that has ever happened to you. It’s unfortunate that it’s over—it was fresh and now it’s sour, but we move.”

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