Anele Mdoda does her bit for charity
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Anele Mdoda and Sam Cowen get involved in an inspiring charity initiative

Of the 180 registered charities in South Africa there are over 30 dedicated to disadvantaged children and their families alone. Providing everything from food to clothing, support, education and more, these non-profit organisations have a challenging task, which is made easier by the support of the general public and generous celebrities. Passionate about making a difference in the lives of children, 94.7 Highveld Stereo radio personalities – Anele Mdoda and Sam Cowen have pledged their support to help raise awareness for an inspiring educational initiative with Twinasver Luxury and TuGo Toys which involves Cotlands’ 6 Active Learning Toy Libraries across the country.

The Cotlands Active Learning Toy Libraries are a community service that provides children, their families, community caregivers and Early Childhood Development (ECD) practitioners’ access to a collection of educational play materials or toys. These facilities are open to members of the public including families of children with and without special needs, ECD centres and schools. The main focus is on education and early development, and very specific educational toys are selected to be utilised, which are not only age appropriate but are geared at providing children with learning opportunities that will help them excel.

Understanding the need to help provide vulnerable children with access to quality toys that will help them meet their developmental milestones, Twinsaver Luxury has partnered with TuGo Toys, who are one of the ranges in the Cotlands Active Learning Toy Libraries, to raise funds for the Cotlands and their Toy Libraries, allowing the larger South African community to make a difference. Knowing how crucial it is for all children to have access to resources and opportunities that will enable them to reach their developmental milestones, this remarkable campaign with Twinsaver Luxury and TuGo Toys is taking a step towards ensuring that this happens.

“I was first introduced to this fabulous initiative after desperately searching for something new and creative for my children to do during their holidays. I discovered the TuGo range of toys, which is a South African designed educational range. Excited to share my discovery of the TuGo kits with Anele, who is an aunt to twins, she soon updated me on the Educational campaign she had heard about,” remarked Sam. “The educational needs of children in South Africa are hugely undermined! It’s an issue that is in need of some serious attention and by involving ourselves in various charity campaigns and initiatives of this nature we can all help to make a difference to children who need it the most.”

Anele echoes Sam’s views, “I was shocked to find out that over 83% of children in South Africa below the age of six do not have access to any form of structured early childhood learning as the majority come from disadvantaged communities. As an aunt or parent, you know that education is the key to children’s success in the future.The initiative with Twinsaver Luxury and TuGo Toys has made it so easy for the general public to get involved and make a difference, as the Cotlands Active Learning Toy Libraries have become an important community and social resource,” she concluded.

There are two (2) easy ways for the general public to get involved to make a difference.  One such way is through their in-store promotion, whereby purchasing a pack of Twinsaver Luxury, consumers can sms the unique code to a number provided and enter into a competition. With each entry into the competition, Twinsaver will donate TuGo blocks to the Cotlands Toy Libraries. Or alternatively one can make a monetary donation, by simply SMSing COTLANDS to 38810. The SMS will be charged at R10 and proceeds will go to Cotlands.

Both Sam and Anele will be spending a day with Cotlands in one of the Active Learning Toy Libraries on 5 June 2013, interacting with the children who will benefit from the resources raised through the campaign, which will assist these children’s educational, social and developmental skills.

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