Thato Tinte
Thato Tinte is a focused and driven Journalism professional with 2 years’ writing experience and 6 years previous Human Resources experience. Following a bold career move from the HR profession into the world of journalism, Thato continues to skilfully distinguish herself as a proficient writer, having worked as a content producer, content editor and writer for various publications, newspapers and digital platforms, the likes of PRISA and Caxton Community Newspapers.Thato has produced fresh copy on a wide range of topics including health, wellness, safety, transport, business, entertainment and human resources. Her skillset includes journalistic research, reporting, writing, editing, content development (planning and implementation) as well as proofreading.Thato holds a Diploma in Journalism along with certificates and training in Human Resources, Project Management, Selection and Competency Based Recruitment, Change Management, Personality and Job Profiling and Labour Law. Her ambition has seen her receive a published cover story within her first year of work – an impressive feat that speaks of this dynamic young woman’s tenacity and impeccable work ethic.
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