Babes Wodumo Mocks Lady Zamar’s Acne, Gets Dragged For It
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Fans come to Lady Zamar’s defense after Babes Wodumo brutally mocks her acne 

Babes Wodumo finds herself on the wrong side of the internet yet again after a video of her mocking Lady Zamar’s acne surfaces. the video shows a zoomed in picture of Lady Zamar’s acne, Babes Wodumo is heard calling Zamar names because The Collide hitmaker gave constructive criticism for SA Idols hopeful in a recent episode.

Fans weighed in on the situation and pointed out that Babes Wodumo was straight out bullying Lady Zamar. And this proved to be a sensitive topic since Zamar has been body shamed for her appearance and her fashion sense in the past. And with the recent passing of singer and songwriter, Nichume, this hit a different nerve as she struggled with depression. 

Fans stood up for Lady Zamar and pointed out how she doesn’t have any beef with anyone;

Others fiercely condemned Babes Wodumo’s behaviour and called for her to be cancelled;

Lady Zamar has since responded in a since deleted tweet stating that people get acne all the time and she is no exception. 

“Stop this nonsense as if you haven’t been taught goodness by someone in your life. People get acne all the time, I’m not perfect. And hey, as hard as it is I’ll have confidence for everyone struggling with acne. Coz you are not alone.”

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