Basic Tips To Growing An Enviable Mustache
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Growing a bit of facial hair can often be attractive to the opposite sex. However, for many men, growing a beard and a mustache is difficult.

November is the month of the ‘stache. Growing a mustache comes with a lot of maintenance, however, if you take care of your facial hair as well as your skin by using the correct moisturiser, you’ll be face-ready for any occasion.

So, whether you opt for a goatee, pencil or chevron mustache, celebrate Movember or any other month with facial hair that will turn heads!

If you’re relatively new to the ‘stache game or feel slightly uneasy about growing one, follow these useful tips:


  1. Consider growing a full beard

Hear us out on this one. Growing a beard with your mustache allows it to blend together. If you’re hoping to grow a full mustache then you should definitely consider growing a full beard at first. If you grow a mustache without a beard, it’s highly likely that they’ll result in it growing thinner than you’d prefer. You could always shave your beard after your mustache has taken shape.


  1. Identify your face shape

Just as certain hairstyles suit specific face shapes, so does a great-looking mustache. If you have a longer, flatter face, a pencil mustache would suit you best. Conversely, if your face is fuller and narrower, opt to grow a fuller mustache like a goatee.


  1. Use a good facial hair trimmer

The key to a perfect mustache is keeping it neat. You wouldn’t want a mustache growing over your lips as it not only looks untidy but can be awfully uncomfortable in general, especially when eating meals. Use an electric trimmer to sculpt your mustache instead of a razor. Using a razor may result in you shaving off a little too much.


  1. Be patient

Depending on how fast your hair usually grows, growing a mustache can take between a few days to a full month. Be patient with your hair and follow a skincare regiment every day to ensure that your hair grows healthily and your skin remains build-up free.


  1. Maintenance is key

Male grooming is important and taking care of your facial hair is just as crucial. When you have facial hair, dirt can easily become trapped against your skin which makes it more prone to breakouts. Use a face wash daily to gently cleanse your skin of impurities.



Tip: Facial hair is generally thicker and much coarser than the hair on your head. To prevent it from irritating your skin, use beard oil or Vaseline Blue Seal

Keep your face glowing and your mustache growing with a little bit of patience, a beard trimmer, a great face wash and a moisturiser suited to your skin type this summer.

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