Beauty Corner: Chit Chat With Beauty Blogger: Creased Nation
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One on One With Beauty Blogger – Creased Nation.

We recently caught up with a makeup artist and beauty blogger Danica Thomas who is well known as Creased Nation, she opened up about the world of beauty and everything!

Get to know Danica Thomas better with this short Q&A:

creased nation

Q: Which makeup brand is your absolute favourite?

A: Unfortunately I don’t have a favourite at the moment because there are different brands that have my fave products.

Q: Who is your favourite blogger/vlogger at the moment and why?

A: Definitely Desi Perkins, her makeup is always flawless and personality is out of this world.

Q: Do you have a beauty secret you live by?

A: Oh yes, face masks are a must-have! They’re so important for the everyday woman and I use different ones that compliment my skin because they’re perfect for tightening and deep cleansing.

creased nation

Q: What’s the difference between a BB Cream and a foundation?

A: A BB cream is a moisturizer with a color tint in it, it gives very light to almost no coverage whereas a foundation has light , medium or very full coverage depending on the makeup look you want to achieve.

Q: Who is your favourite local makeup artist at the moment and why?

A: I am a makeup artist too so I would say myself, but I do like Bee the makeup artist and Makeup by Ellenor.

Q: Your YouTube channel is informative yet entertaining at the same time. How do you remain relevant to the ever demanding market?

A: Keeping up with the trends is important and making sure that I always inform my followers about what is happening in the beauty industry. I get invited to plenty of beauty events which is helpful to inform them with what is new on the market.

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