Beauty Influencers and Makeup Artists Owning It on the Gram!
Published 7 months ago by

We give our Instagram feeds a quick run through, taking a closer look at some of the beauty influencers and makeup artists who are killing the game right now.


First up we have the always beautiful the always delivering fire makeup looks, Mbali Mkhize. With her most recent look dedicated to her fans and followers, the beauty influencer shows off her blending skills with an incredibly vibrant eye look. To finish it off in a balanced manner, she then added a nude lip and some glamorous hoops.


Next up we have Thandi Gama looking exquisite in an all nude makeup look. The makeup artists added some glossy detailing to help bring out the look with some shinny golden statement hoops that enhanced that classic and retro feel.


Like, Mbali, Miss Vicky Vee is also showing off her amazing blending skills with this complex eye look consisting of multiple warm shades and tones. Then there’s her lashes darling. You can’t forget about Vicky Vee’s signature lengthy lashes. The beauty queen then finished off her look with a glossy shimmer to her 90’s lined lips.


And lastly we have the talented Esethu Khambule giving us all sorts of fierce vibes with her vibrant Pride month  inspired look. The young makeup artist blends a variety of different warm and cold tones in a beautifully curated manner to create one unified and bold look which speaks perfectly to the message of Pride month.



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