#BeautyTip – Understanding Your Skin Type
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Ever wondered what type of skin you have and the kind of facial care you should be investing in for your individual skin needs? This Wednesday, we drop some much-needed knowledge and share wisdom on how you can identify your skin type and better understand how to take care of it for optimum results and a radiant look.

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It goes without saying that to take care of your face and skin, you must first understand exactly what you’re dealing with. While there are a few ways to decipher your skin type from home – such as using the bare-faced test or blotting sheet method – we’ve done the work for you and list characteristics of the various skin types around.

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There are five basic types of healthy skin: normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive skin. It’s important to know that your skin can change throughout the years and is greatly impacted by various things such as stress, aging, skin product choice, climate and even medication.

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Take a look at the characteristics of each skin type:

Normal Skin

  • Well balanced skin that is neither oily nor dry
  • Has very few discolouration
  • Is blemish free and appears smooth
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Oily Skin

  • Easily identifiable by its shiny appearance
  • Has overactive sebum production and enlarged pores
  • Is prone to acne and blackheads
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Dry Skin

  • Is flaky, appears dry and may have red patches
  • Looks tight in appearance
  • Might appear dull, lackluster and tired
  • Lines develop easily on this skin type
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Combination Skin

  • Has both oily  and dry areas
  • Is prone to blackheads
  • Also has large pores
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Sensitive Skin

  • Has blotchy patches and redness spots
  • May have broken capillaries
  • May feel itchy
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Now that you understand which skin type you fall under, ensure that you use the right kinds of products tailored for your skin type and you’ll be well on your way to beautiful, flawless and radiantly glowing skin.

Do you know your skin type?

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