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#BeautyTrendAlert – Glossy Eyelids



Forget everything you thought you knew about eye make up, there is a new trend in the building! Gone are the days when matte and shimmer eyelids dominated the make up scene, this year, the glossy lid is having its great debut.

Image from Pinterest

While the trend is nothing new, greasy lids are doing big things in 2017 as stars take to the lustrous look. After seeing this luminously sexy look, you might want to dig out those lip glosses from your 90s days and swop them for your eyelids.

Image from Joy Navon (IG)

The effortlessly seductive look is chic and super easy to attain. The beauty of the glossy lid is that it can be worn clear or in colour and can be achieved with the easiest of products.

It’s up to you whether you use regular lip gloss, good old Vaseline, eye gloss, face oil or even baby oil – all of these will give you the look you’re after.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Refinery 29

To get the clear and subtle look, simply dab your gloss of choice over your eyelids (moving from the centre all the way out), line your eyes with an eyeliner, apply some mascara and you’re good to go!

If you want to run away from a sticky lid that may break in consistency, avoid your crease and apply around it! Add a bold lipstick for pure glam.

Image from Kaela Russell (YouTube)

For a colour-filled gloss look, first apply a bright eyeshadow over your eyelids then swipe your gloss of choice over the eyeshadow – mixing them to form a smooth glossy consistency.

You can use your fingers or shadow brush for better application. For a wetter and glossier look, swop your powder based shadow for a liquid, gel, or cream shadow.

Image from The Fashion Spot

You can go wild with this look, play around with it and still come out winning! It’s fresh, trendy and sexy! Give it a bash and let us know if this is a beauty style for you!

*Cover images from Desiree Davis (IG) and  Yvonne Onyanta (YouTube)

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Somizi Bags Blk Opl Make Up Endorsement Deal



It is an almost frequent occurrence when big brands align themselves with celebrities. It has become what most celebrities strive for. Which is understandable – we all want to secure that bag. But this partnership, was nothing close to ordinary. Choreographer, Television and Radio Personality, Reality Show Star – the “splendicious” Somgaga bagged an endorsement deal with make up brand BLK OPL. The Black Opal brand is known for celebrating individuals with a “yellow skin undertone”.

This partnership saw him becoming the first African male to be the face of a brand widely consumed by women. Either way, to most, including Busi Xaba – Head of Black Opal Marketing and PR, this partnership isn’t completely out of the ordinary. Xaba explained that make up is not limited to women but everyone who has “fire”.

“Be kind to everyone”, Somizi said. This comes after he took attendees down memory lane to when he first met Busi. It started off as just another fan asking for a picture with him. He explained that he could have easily been rude to her, but he chose not to. “And here we are today”, he added.

“We chose Somizi because he is confident and lively. He is comfortable with himself and also comfortable with wearing make up,” said Xaba.

Boity Thulo and Dineo ranaka were some of the industry peers who came to support Mhlogo. Ranaka said she was proud of Somizi for bagging a make up deal while she was still trying to get a “lip gloss endorsement”. Boity Thulo was just as excited for him.

Somizi at SAMA24

Somizi shared that he is excited to show South Africa what he is working on with the brand, and his personal make up artist – Lwazi Blose Cele aka Diva Cadach, at this year’s SAMAs – where he will be hosting the event yet again. He promises to bring more fire with several outfit changes and  “creative’ make up styles.

Asking his fiance – Mohale Motaung to come closer, he shared that the brand will also be a big part of their wedding. Unfortunately to that event, we – the media, are not invited. “If you are waiting for us to get divorced, we will invite you to that one do not worry,” Mhlongo jokingly added.

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