Behind The Scenes With Nadia Nakai for the New Reebok Zig Kinetica
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We went behind the scenes on an exciting project that the beautiful and talented Nadia Nakai is working on with popular sportswear brand, Reebok. The rap star took to her Instagram to give her fans a bit of a sneak peak on the action, as her glam team prepared her for the shoot.


In her post, Nakai is clearly visibly showing her outfit from waist up showcasing the iconic Reebok logo, so it can only mean one thing. A new sneaker is about hit the shelves ya’ll. Obviously we can’t spill too much of the tea on the new pair of kicks, but all we know is that they’re called the Zip Kinetica and Nadia Nakai approves them.

She feels that her fans are going to love the sneakers especially for the their versatility and uniqueness as they are easily integratable both within lifestyle and active environments. The Zig is certainly made for those who are daring enough to be bold. It’s all about delivering an electrifying energy to the wearer’s lifestyle and fashion sense as Nadia puts it, “You just wanna stand out, when you walk in the room!” and that’s exactly what the kicks will do for you.

Speaking on her journey on working with Reebok, Nakai expressed great excitement to be associated with such a huge and iconic brand. She loves and appreciates how the brand adapts it’s international narratives and styles for local consumers, saying that it enables a more authentic message to be communicated.

As a street fashion fantastic, Nakai feels that the collaboration came naturally as she is constantly always on the search for the hottest and realist styles to rock.

For updates on release dates and prices, make sure to keep checking Reebok South Africa and Nadia Nakai’s socials.



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