Best of the Week: 3 Ways to Wear Your Style in 2022 with Galaxy & Co
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2022 has arrived and so the time to realign or reinvent your style, your resolutions, and your goals! You never need an excuse to upgrade your jewellery drip, but with a whole New Year of opportunities ahead, why not prepare for the coming 365 days with a few fresh pieces that’ll bring a ‘lil bit of newness to any OOTD.

At Galaxy & Co,” Your style, Your way” is always our mantra, but this year you can let your drip speak for itself by investing in some key pieces, with countless ways to wear. Here are our top picks to show off your style:

  1. Everyday Essentials

Simple and versatile, you can be sure that chains, hoops, and charms from only R49 will effortlessly elevate any look. These timeless staples can be styled and stacked in any way your heart desires, so let your creativity loose with these must-have pieces.

  1. Meaningful Motifs

Another powerful addition for unleashing a signature ‘this is me’ look is giving a shoutout to your birthstone and star sign! Check out our Cosmic Gems and Zodiac Collections for beautifully personal necklaces, rings, studs, huggies, and pendants from just R199 for a unique stamp on every look. Whether you are hoping to manifest your best year yet or needing an extra dose of self-assurance, resilience, and self-love, the cosmic powers of these pieces will always keep your signature style shining bright.

  1. Sensational Stacks

Layer your jewellery, mix metals, experiment with lengths and textures, and have fun expressing yourself with a uniquely curated stack. Get ready to experiment with what ‘your style, your way’ really means this year, because every day is an opportunity to try out a luxe new look.

Challenge yourself with a fresh look, restyle an old fave, and keep on adding to your stack with our gram-worthy grabs. Only you can make this year incredible, so start today. To shop jewellery from Galaxy & Co, simply visit the website, or follow them on Instagram for inspiration and updates.

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