Best of the Week: Are Fashion Weeks Becoming Irrelevant?
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As more and more fashion week organizers start to consider the idea of online showcases in light of the COVID19 pandemic, it has left many wondering about the relevance of fashion shows in today’s day and age. If all can be done online and at a cheaper expense to the brand, which is still a business at the end of the day, why are we even having fashion weeks anymore?

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These are the types of questions and topics currently under discussion at the heart of many fashion conferences and conversations, especially during the time of the Corona Virus which has shifted the perspectives of many business operations worldwide. In taking it back to fashion, fashion shows were always meant to be focused and centered around the designers’ clothes. They were meant to provide fashion business insiders with an up close experience of the clothes however, due to the great progression of social media celebrity culture the dynamic of modern day fashion shows has shifted the spotlight away from the actual stars of the show, the garments.

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No longer do people place as great of an importance on what was presented by the designer as they do on who was in attendance and sitting front row. Nowadays, fashion shows have come to be more about celebrity appearances rather than the garments themselves and that is one of the problems. However, perhaps fashion brands can reclaim that spotlight and focus by using technology a little differently, through actually digitalizing the whole show. This idea along with many similar concepts have been in the talks for a while, before the great pandemic. Brand owners and industry specialists started to notice that the structure of fashion shows didn’t really help support brand business models in that they required great amounts of investment with little return. Brands would spend great amounts of resources in ensuring amazing spectacles for their shows of which afterwards still left many unfamiliar with the brand designs thus resulting in sales and therefore income declines. Although the dying of fashion shows also stems further than this, it is important that discussions are continued in order to effectively progress and revolutionize fashion shows for all its contributers, especially the designers.

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