Best of the Week: Latest Eyewear Trends for 2021
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As the summer days grow longer and the sunsets appear more magnificent, you’ll definitely need a pair of cool and stylish sunnies to complement the moment. With that, we bring you the latest eyewear trends expected to take off in 2021.

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Round Retro Shades

Image Source: Who What Wear

Bringing back that nostalgic feeling we have the ever so stylish, retro round frames. However this season they receive interesting design elements such as embellishments, crystals and more. So make sure to try out as many styles as you can.

Classic Aviators

Image Source: Who What Wear

Next we have the classic aviators which are a simple must have for any sunglass collection. Not only will they never go out of style but they will forever be a comfortable go to.

Rectangular Sunnies

Image Source: Who What Wear

Then, bringing that retro feel and vibe we have our stylish rectangular shades. With their colourful styles and abstract designs, these pair of sunnies will be able to elevate any look.

Angled Cat-Eye

Image Source: Who What Wear

Lastly, we bring you the cute cat-eye shades which have really been having their moment in the spotlight lately. However, to give these classic sunnies a fresh twist, make sure to experiment with fun and creative designs.

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