Best of the Week: Lekau Sehoana is Taking Off with Drip Footwear
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This week’s Best of the Week is an inspiring success story of local sneaker designer and business person, Lekau Sehoana who started thriving sneaker brand, Drip Footwear.

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However, his road to success has not been an easy one. Sehoana, who is open about his past poor living conditions went from owning no shoes to being the founder and CEO of one of the most fast growing sneaker brands in South Africa. In a statement opening up about his past circumstances, Sehoana said:

“In 2003, the only thing we had was a shack in an informal settlement in Ivory Park, that poured during rainy days. I didn’t have shoes to wear, so I created my shoe using torn sneakers.” 

It was from there that Lekau decided to chase after his dreams by pursuing a sneaker brand. And with hard work, perseverance and passion, Sehoana was able to move into the right direction to officially launch his very own sneaker brand in 2019 called Drip Footwear. Today, the brand produces impressive numbers when it comes to sales and is one of the most loved local brands around.

“A year ago, I sold the very first pair of Drip. 12 months later we have grossed over R14 million. From 26 pairs then, to 600 pairs and now we are on 50 000 pairs. Your dreams are valid.”

So make sure to check out this brand on their socials @dripfootwearsa (Instagram) and to check out their website at www.dripsa.co.za.





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