Best of the Week: The Future of Fashion with Gert Johan Coetzee
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After a successful interview workshop speaking on the impacts of the Corona Virus pandemic, it appears that the much loved and adored local fashion deisgner, Gert Johan Coetzee has some interesting views on the matter.

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The multi-faceted and award winning fashion designer as well as South African Style Awards’ head judge shared his thoughts on an episode on BLOOM Gin #LiveFullBLOOM AW2020 Trends and Vintage Styling Workshop in support of Vintage With Love, stressing the importance of rebuilding a more sustainable fashion industry after the Corona Virus pandemic.

“With creative projects slowing down as a result of the pandemic, it is essential than ever for famous fashion designers to adapt to the scenario and consider ways to change the definition of fashion post COVID, as well as looking at sustainability as a medium for this transformation.”

Gert Johan Coetzee

In speaking on the matter, the topic for the theme of the second BLOOM Gin #LiveFullBLOOM Workshop was inspired by presenter and actress, Leandie Du Randt’s series one styling tips.

In support of the sustainability movement, Jacquie Myburgh, founder of Vinatge With Love encourages that women first donate their old clothes before purchasing new ones.

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“To ensure that your wardrobe is always at its streamlined best , donate an item of clothing before you buy a new piece. By donating to Vintage With Love, you support their drive for literacy and education. It’s proven that historical events such as pandemics and recessions change the way women dress and we hope that our AW2020 Trends & Vintage Styling Workshop in support of Vintage With Love will see many women shop for vinatge pieces once we can host it.”

Jacquie Myburgh


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