Best of the Week: The Huracan Nano Wave Reusable Face Mask
Published 6 months ago by

You see them everywhere, from social media to the fashion streets, it seems like the Huracan Nano Wave face masks are all that people want to wear as they adhere to Covid-19 regulations. And I mean who could blame them? With their sleek and clean design, why wouldn’t you?

The masks come in bright colours from pink to blue should you wish to add a pop of vibrancy to your outfit. However, if you’re looking for a more versatile mask that will complement almost any outfit, then you can choose from the neutral toned masks which include black and grey.

Not only is the Nano Wave mask stylish in every sense but it also gets the job of protection done effectively and efficiently. Complete with with Nano foam that makes up the main construction of the mask, it also features an effective filtration system while simultaneously offering comfort through the contoured fit. It’s everything you would ever really want in a face mask especially with the Corona Virus showing no signs of regression.


Even one of our favourite actors/musician/fashion influencer, Thabang Molaba shows his support and love for the brand as he demonstrates how to style the mask. No matter the style you’re feeling, as a result of its versatility, the mask can be styled up or down. Unfortunately due to the large demand, the masks are currently unavailable. However, according to Huracan, they are in development and will soon be selling. So make sure to keep your eyes on the Huracan website for further updates.

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