Big Nuz and Tira Finally Split!
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There has been much speculation about DJ Tira’s relationship with two of Big Nuz’s remaining members (Danger and Mampintsha), it has been quite evident over the past few years that their relationship with Afrotainment has been shaky. After the passing of R Mashesha, who was the the third member of Big Nuz, Danger and Mampintsha seemed to take control over their music and career decisions, they were not under the wing of DJ Tira no longer.

Early 2016, a rumour surfaced of Big Nuz finally leaving Afrotainment but it was crushed by Tira, he was quoted saying

“Big Nuz have not made me aware of their intentions to leave the group… We do not work with contracts. If anyone wants to leave they are free to leave, it is not a matter of contract…”

On Sunday, Tira released a Twitter statement confirming that indeed Big Nuz have left the management of Afrotainment and have moved onto a new management that will now oversee any important career decisions by Big Nuz. In the statement, Tira says

“Firstly, Danger, Mampintsha and I, we are fine. There is no bad blood. Big Nuz has new management. So its NOT DJ TIRA’s call to say when should Big Nuz album be recorded, etc.”

Could this be the end of an era for the infamous Durban Kwaito sound? We would love to hear what you think of this, What do you actually think is the problem in this situation. Leave a comment below.

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