Black Coffee And Tom Misch JUMP In Studio Together
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Black Coffee is outchea with the best of them and doing the most! Damn! The internationally renowned DJ and producer has been putting in work and it is damn visible. His gearing up to work with one of the biggest names in House music, Tom Misch and you will never guess how it all came about! 

Tom Misch is a popular UK producer and musician who has gained himself a sizable following over the years. The 21 year old artist has made popular, his eclectic sound which is a combination of hip hop, soul and house music. He taps into neo-soul and boom bap with projects like Beat Tape 1 and Beat Tape 2 and the sound has transcended with time. He recently released his EP, 5 Day Mischon and his recent SA show was a massive success. 

This is how it all got sparked; award winning presenter, Remel London went on Twitter to express how dope a collaboration between the two artists would be. Tom Misch responded that he is down and once Black Coffee agreed, it was on! The two are already in studio together and to be honest, the song is sounding so damn good already.

Peep the videos that Black Coffee uploaded below!

Check out another video he snapped. 

Also, this one.

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