Black Coffee Imagines An SA Carnival

Black Coffee imagines a South African Carnival showcasing our culture. The legendary DJ is currently in the land of the biggest Carnival in the World. He is visiting Rio de Janeiro for the official Carnival at Camarote. The Carnival breaks its own record every year, with over 90 000 people gathering daily during the course of the Carnival to see the dancing and exotic dresses live in action.

This experience definitely inspired Black Coffee to imagine what a nationwide South African Carnival would be like and that had us thinking about the same thing too. Wouldn’t it be cool to have an authentic South African Carnival experience that is void of Western/Latin influence? Black Coffee went on to Twitter to say:

Imagine we had our own Carnival…taking to the streets showcasing our SA Cultures in the highest forms….making tradition cool again.

We definitely agree with the legendary DJ, Of course, people might argue that the Cape Town Carnival, however, that Carnival does not showcase the whole of SA, only a select part of the country.

Let us know what you think, and how you think a South African Carnival would look like.

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