Black Motion drop NEW single with Xoli M & Ali Keys
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Remember when Black Motion told zkhiphani that they are working on a new single with Xoli M? Well they have finally dropped it! Their new single titled Anyway featuring Xoli M and Ali Keys, is available on all digital platforms. After the success of their collaboration on Rainbow, and to appease fans who yearned for their reunion, it is no surprise that the dynamic duo reached out to trusted house vocalist Xoli M to effortlessly breathe life lyrically to their signature beats. The song begins with Xoli M singing about the concept of karma and the importance of being aware of how we should treat and respect one another. With renowned producer, Ali Keys, adding classical components, the song progresses and crescendos when Xoli M is joined by a male opera singer whose voice takes hold of the bridge, and wafts beautiful away near the end of the song.

Our music consists of drums and we know that is one of the reasons why our fans love us. We love experimenting with our sound so we incorporated classical elements like the orchestra and the opera singer, to add another dimension to the song

– Black Motion.

Stream or download Black Motion’s new single Anyway featuring Xoli M and Ali Keys here: https://SonyMusicAfrica.lnk.to/BMA 

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