BoityxLegit summer range review
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Boity recently collaborated with Legit to bring out a range which consists of sports wear, resort gear and a night life clothing line. The event was attended by a few celebrities as well as her family members who came to show their support. (see the gallery for more pics)  The main purpose of the event however was for us to have a sneak peak at her new upcoming range with Legit.

Here are a  favorite highlights of the show as well as a few of my favorite pieces from the range


The unique surprise twist which I absolutely loved were the twin models who were used to showcase the range



Boity also helped produce a resort wear which she hopes it will inspire women to feel good in their swimsuits after working out in her sports Luxe range. The stuff below really caught my eye…


As I have previously stated in my “shoes for spring” post, gladiator sandals are a huge hit this season…


Shoes were also a big part of the showcase…


Boity’s collection will be available in all Legit stores this summer. I foresee the swimsuits and the night life range selling out very fast. Nandi Mngomas range did very well and had some great pieces as well, l am looking forward to seeing how how this one turns out…

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