Brutal fruit introduces apple ginger
Published 8 years ago by

Brutal Fruit has combined fusion of the seductive sweetness in their new Apple Ginger cider, it’s made from real apple juice and its slightly spiced with ginger. Brutal Fruit’s new Apple Ginger has 4.5% alcohol and boasts a certain zing with its twist of flavours. “As a brand we believe we need to stay current and up-to-date with international trends,” remarks Mark Pollard, Brutal Fruit’s Marketing Manager. “We looked at this season’s summer trends, where the spring/summer 2012 catwalks were awash with spicy ginger tones and warm tangerine hair hues. One thing is for certain, ginger has never been cooler. The introduction of a fusion of ingredients in this new variant is a first for flavoured alcoholic beverages in South Africa, and will undoubtedly set the standard for what consumers have to look forward to in this market.”

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