Building Your Musical Intelligence in this Tech Driven Age
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Have you ever wondered how some of your favourite musicians are always able to pull out and produce hit songs after hit songs? There’s a reason why this is so and part of it is because of the different ways in which we hear and process sounds. What might sound like a boring ballad or a snoozy jazz song to one person may be interpreted as an intriguing compilation of intricate and vibrant melodies by another. Although some say this is only a matter of taste, perhaps it’s about building a kind of musical intelligence?  Which is what we’re about to explore.

Image Source: Citi 97.3

Music has the powerful ability to not only unite people but to also voice and communicate feelings and emotions. This is where sayings like “it spoke to me”, are derived from. Through our vast array of feelings we are able to create sounds for something that feel like certain emotions. As a musician, you know you’ve created a hit song when it truly resonates with the feelings and internal vibrations of your listeners. So instead of feeding into the hype of the sound of the now, try being real. However, this is not to be misunderstood for experimentation which is highly necessary in order to grow and develop your “musical intelligence”.

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If anything, you need to play around and experiment with different sounds out of your comfort zone in order to give yourself the opportunity to better process melodies, pitch, rhythm, tone and many more musical aspects. Now, given that we live in a tech driven age where most of the sounds around us are often mechanically created, it is important to turn back to nature for its organic and unique touch. Sometimes in order to be innovative and forward thinking, you need to look back and reflect.

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