Cape Town Pop Singer, Lakota Silva, Drops New Video
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We love feel good music and it is better when it comes with a video! Pop singer, Lakota Silva, drops the brand new music video for her single Good Good featuring producer and artist Howard Edward.

Good Good is a pop song with a blasting bass and a very urban feel to the sound. She embraces a cooler and more “street” side in her approach to writing and in this video and as far as we know, she is the only artist doing what she is doing in the country. Smooth lyrical rapper and artist, Howard Edward, is featured on this track and adds a level of cool to this already fun song.

The video was shot all around Cape Town in locations such as the beach and restaurants and with Table Mountain as a back drop. “We shot at the likes of local vinyl stores, dance studios, quirky restaurants, and outdoor areas Luke and I wanted to show.”

“We were at local water parks, beaches, promenades, underground tunnels and stations! It was important to show and shoot at places that are part of my real life. I wanted everything to be real,” explains Lakota.

Lakota comments on the video, saying “I wanted to create a video that was real. A video true to my authentic, real life. The people in it, the real-life moments, my real-life home city and just a little bit of the bigness that shows my love.”

The music video was conceptualized and created by Luke Veysie and Lakota Silva. Veysie also did all the directing, cinematography and editing, with Lakota styling the video.

Peep the video below!


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