Cassper Nyovest and Drip Footwear Release their First Sneaker
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Around the month of June this year Cassper Nyovest signed what is popularly known as the “Legacy Deal” which saw him partnering up with Drip Footwear CEO, Lekau Sehoana. This month on the 8th they released their first collaborative sneaker called The Root Of Fame 990.

Image Source: @casspernyovest Instagram

Just like everyone who has been affected by the Corona Virus and its restrictions, Cassper felt limited and unable to do what he does best. Instead, the talented rapper was stuck home feeling useless and unbale to perform. He then thought of how he could package his fame and sell it which then led to the inspiration of the sneaker brand name, Root of Fame.

Image Source: @casspernyovest Instagram

“My fame didn’t matter for the first time in my life it was useless. I then asked myself how I can package this fame and sell it. I had to make a product that not only is associated with my name but gives people a taste of how it feels to be me. I had to dig deep into the roots, hence the name, ‘Root of Fame’.”

Cassper Nyovest 

Image Source: @casspernyovest Instagram

But of course, Nyovest couldn’t have done it all without the strong partnership of his fellow business partner, Lekau Sehoana, the CEO of Drip Footwear.

“When I created Drip in 2019, it wasn’t just a 2019 story. It was a story that started way back in 2003. It took us at least 16 years to build that business in 2019.” 

Lekau Sehoana

With that, should you wish to get yourself a pair of these cool kicks, they are currently available on the Drip Footwear website in two main colourways being the Off White Salmon and the Black Salmon options.


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