Castle Milk Stout Presents A Collab BETWEEN Madala Kunene & Muzi
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Legendary singer Madala Kunene and The Zulu Skywalker, Muzi have collaborated on an exciting new song called, KoMama.

This song sees Muzi, set to release his own project – the MAMA EP on 2 October, bring his distinct new age sound and mash things up to the heartbeat of Madala’s track and introduce listeners to an incredible fusion of traditional sounds and the modern African music Muzi is well known for.

“Our heritage is an important part of us as Africans and I am thrilled to have the song we produced last year, revived again by bringing in the collaborative prowess of one of South Africa’s most sought after young artists, Muzi. We really hope that listeners will love this song as much as we do and that they’re going to be dancing the beat of this song throughout Heritage Month and beyond.” Said Madala Kunene

Castle Milk Stout has a long-standing relationship with South African creatives and has always used platforms like Heritage Month to bring attention to topical issues around the preservation of culture. This year Castle Milk Stout is showing that we are all bound by the same beat, by bringing together two great South African artists to create a musical masterpiece that blends the sounds of yesteryear and today.

“I have always been very fond of Madala Kunene’s mastery and I immediately jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him, as he is not only a much-loved legend in our industry but also one of the people I have always wanted to work within my career. Through this remix, I got the opportunity to add my own take on an original piece created by someone who is adored and I am confident in the fact that we did the song great justice.” added Muzi

“We are excited about the collaboration between Muzi and Madala, the Castle Milk Stout brand has always provided a platform for the celebration of heritage and culture and this year is no different, we brought together two great artists from different generations, to give an added pulse to the heart beat of this important month on the South African calendar. We do hope that fans of the brand and the artists, will welcome this collaboration and will download the song, as well as stream it.” Concluded Kudzi Mathibire, Brand Director of Castle Milk Stout.

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Listen to the collaboration between Muzi and Madala Kunene here.

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